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What Salt Do You Need?

We stock five types of salt: block, tablet, granular, PDV and rock.  Each of these has a specific purpose from water softening, to food use and de-icing, so it is important you choose the right type for your need.

Softened water saves money by reducing washing powder consumption and helps to prevent washing machines and dishwashers becoming clogged up and failing.  Water softeners are easy to run.  All they need is salt to be added – block, tablet or granular.

Block Salt is a water softening salt for the latest generation of water softeners.  Although it is usually more expensive on a weight for weight basis, the water softeners that use it are much more efficient, so in many cases the total cost works out to be the same as with tablet or granular salt.

Traditional water softeners need Granular Salt, sometimes know as granulated salt.  We supply 10kg bags of Hydrosoft granular salt for easy replenishment of domestic water softeners and 25kg bags of Hydrosoft granular salt for larger machines and higher consumption situations.

For easy fill requirements, we supply both 10kg and 25kg bags of Tablet Salt at the same price as granular salt.  Both forms of salt are equally effective, but you may prefer tablet salt from an ease of use perspective. Tablet salt is supplied in clean, waterproof plastic bags for ease of handling and storage.

PDV Salt is the highest grade of salt available having been manufactured and stored under strict conditions.  It is used by the food industry as a flavour enhancer and preservative.  PDV salt is only available in 25kg bags.

Lastly we have Rock Salt or de-icing salt, which is the furthest away of the different types of salt from table salt.  It is one of those products that is only needed for a short time each year.  When spread before ice or snow, rock salt will help keep roads and paths clear and is hence very useful to home owners and councils alike.  It naturally has a long shelf life, so there is no problem in stocking up now rather than waiting until the bad weather when supplies are short.

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